My ideal financial submissive (aka: finsub)

Knows His Place


If you met this man on the street he would be a good-looking, well-dressed, well-spoken, intelligent alpha male.

Knows His PlaceIf he chooses to be submissive and chooses you to be his mistress it’s because he wants to, and not because you made him. I think it’s misnomer to think, that because a financial submissive (finsub) is submissive, they are therefore weak minded. These men are anything but feeble.

When I imagine my ideal financial submissive, he is a wealthy alpha. As an alpha he rules his real life reality(RLR). He is wealthy because of his an alpha drive and superiority. He dominates his real-world domain.

We wear many masks in life……
For him it may be Son, Father, Husband, Boss, Man.
For a domme, it may be Daughter, Mother, Wife, Boss, Woman.
But we also feel a need to also don masks mostly only worn behind closed doors and mostly only in the presence of like minded folks.

It is with this thought in mind that I enter into my Domme shoes. In my everyday world I’m one thing but in my BDSM world I’m an alpha female addressed as Mistress Avid.

Let me explain that to me a D/s relationship is an exchange of power for playtime resulting orgasms for both.

The most basic form of a simple power exchange of such an act is a Blow-job.
So imagine for a moment there are two people. One with a hard cock and the other with an wet, warm, willing mouth.
Most in the vanilla world believe that the cock hold the power and the open mouth – submissive.

However I’d challenge that thought and say to you that the reverse is actually the reality. The supposed submissive position – open mouth and on knees has the power t provide lots of pleasure. The power is in the fact that the mouth stays open and teeth are held back (unless part of the play). The tongue that moves to tease or flattens to allow access. the cheeks that suck in and create the perfect suction.

The cock is dependent on the mouth staying open. Its job is simply to be hard and provide direction back and forth. The cock has to stay hard for a good a moment and then provide a great climax for both to enjoy..

Domme controls the submissive action in the play but the submissive has to yield that control and willing follow the dommes instructions.

I have been fortunate to met a few wonderful submissive gentlemen and receiving their submission has been both a pleasure and privilege.


Pay Tribute, and make me smile.


You can find me under the name PrettyAvid 💋


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